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How Does Heavenly Father want me to use my Spiritual Gifts?

What are spiritual gifts?
--"Spiritual gifts are blessings or abilities that are given by the power of the Holy Ghost." (True to the Faith, pg 165)

Some spiritual gifts from the Scriptures:
A few spiritual gifts noted by Elder Bednar in his talk "Quick to Observe."
  • Asking
  • Listening
  • Hearing and using a still, small voice
  • Being able to weep
  • Avoiding contention
  • Being agreeable
  • Avoiding vain repetition
  • Seeking that which is righteous
  • Looking to God for guidance
  • Being a disciple
  • Caring for others
  • Being able to ponder
  • Bearing mighty testimony
  • Receiving the Holy Ghost
  • Being quick to observe

What are some of these gifts you would like to learn more about?

How do I identify my spiritual gifts?

Think about spiritual gifts that others around you posses. Your mom, your sibling, your friend, a teacher. 

Write down as many of your own spiritual gifts as you can. Do it in the back of your journal, and add to the list throughout the year. 

When you are ready, get your Patriarchal Blessing. It will help you identify some of your spiritual gifts. 

Ask a parent, friend, or leader to help you!

Number one best answer: PRAY! Your Heavenly Father wants to tell you what your gifts are. He is so pleased to give them to you, and He wants you to know what they are. This way, you can use them to bless yourself and others. 

How does Heavenly Father want me to use my spiritual gifts?

These videos will give you some ideas:



Look at your list of spiritual gifts. Write notes next to some of how you can use them to bless others and bring yourself closer to our Heavenly Father.

Scriptures to look at:

Some Other Resources:
Talk by President Eyring: "Help Them Aim High."
Talk by Elder Bednar "Quick to Observe."
True to Faith on Spiritual Gifts

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